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Setting your student athlete — or their coach — up for success is by no means a simple proposition. Working in time for conditioning, practice, and individual coaching can be an uphill challenge. Thankfully, Feltrim Sports is here to help give them the competitive edge they need to succeed. Our Soccer sports academy in Florida is the region’s premier program; one certain to give youth players and coaches alike the tools required to be successful on and off the field. 

Read on for an overview of what we have to offer. 


Feltrim Academy Soccer was developed from the grass up to foster excellence in athletic, as well as educational performance. Our mission to develop fiercely competitive players and coaches alike by teaching a direct, energizing, and most of all win-minded approach. Our system focuses first on mindset in order to develop an individualized program for each player or coach based on their unique needs. Ultimately, this helps to create a goal-oriented thought process centered on team-based thinking, academic excellence and personal development — all using the athlete’s passion as fuel for the journey.

Well-Rounded Approach

Feltrim’s results-driven systems include programs aimed at players, teams, and coaches / educators. A specialized cycle of education has been developed to foster excellence in each member of the team, as well as the experts who guide them to their full potential. The process is based on a vertically integrated progression for each position, with progress-measuring benchmarks along the way. In adopting this approach, Feltrim Sports has created clear milestones for measurable progress.

Leveling Up

Courses are divided into four distinct tracks as follows: 

  • Development: (Boys/Girls 4-11): Training, conditioning, lesson plans and coaching for young players developing skills. 
  • Intermediary: (Youth 12-16): Continuing development for scholastic-level players looking to be competitive in junior and high school settings.
  • High Performance: (Men/Women 17-20): Final-step preparation and refining for college and professional players
  • Coaching: Top-tier program designed to create coaches who can drive teams and players to success

Landmark Events

In addition to training and conditioning programs, Feltrim Sports also offers regular events — such as developmental drills, Summer Soccer Camp, competitive tryouts for Feltrim’s own teams, and coaching events designed around networking and learning opportunities. Anyone interested in participating is welcome to take a look at our ever-evolving events calendar.

World-Class Facility

Feltrim Sports’ multi-disciplinary, state-of-the-art complex was purpose-built to exceed the needs of coaches and student athletes. Here, you’ll find gear. Accessories. Nutritional facilities A 2,500-seat turf arena, 75,000 square foot stadium, fully-appointed weight and cardio workout areas, and much more. We’ve even thought ahead, and offer a 5,000 square foot event center right on-site for banquets, awards ceremonies, and other gatherings. We’ve anticipated your needs, and created everything you, your teams, coaches, and students need to be an unqualified success in every regard.


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