Why Choose a Florida Vacation Home?

When planning your family’s Sunshine State getaway, your lodging option is one of the most important choices you can consider. Where you elect to stay has an impact on how close you are to attractions, how comfortable your crucial rest periods are, and what sorts of bonus amenities you’ll enjoy. So, while looking for a traditional hotel may be the initial impulse, many families are now opting for the benefits of instead choosing a Florida vacation home. Following are just some of the many reasons why. 

Extra Space

Let’s face it: when you and your family enter a hotel room, one of the first things you figure out is how to give each other the necessary space without everyone forever being in each other’s way. And given how compact most of these spaces are, it can be tough to pin down things like bathroom schedules. Where to set the thermostat. And what if Dad snores? A vacation home is just that — a home. So there’s just more room to stretch.  

Increased Freedom

Along with the extra space comes extra freedom for everyone. Gone are the days of early bedtimes for the kids while the grownups toss and turn. Or worse — kids being kept up later and being cranky the next day. Say goodbye to struggling over a single TV remote, too, as well as trying to find room to stuff everyone’s snacks and drinks into one tiny mini-fridge. When everyone has their own space and schedules, everyone is happier.   

Added Comfort

Along with space and freedom comes comfort. A vacation home rental assures that the whole crew has multiple options for kicking back and relaxing. Sure, you can still watch a movie in bed like you could in a hotel room. But try curling up with a book on a quiet corner sofa in one. Or unwinding by your family’s own private pool. Or loosening up with a nice soak in the tub without worrying that there will be an emergency knock on the door. At a vacation home, you can.  

Enhanced Amenities

In many ways, a hotel room emulates the conveniences of home. But simply due to space considerations, there are always compromises. Kitchens become kitchenettes. A closet becomes a wardrobe. Sometimes, there’s a sofa. And the bathroom MAY have an en-suite sink — if you’re lucky. A vacation home rental won’t ask you to cut those corners. And that’s before you even consider the benefits of features like a pool, or on-demand housekeeping!    

Home-Like Feel

A vacation home allows couples, families and even solo travelers to enjoy all of the best qualities they’ve come to treasure in their own residences. Space. Air. Light. Room to put things away without having to trip over bags. A private laundry room. Multiple areas’ worth of quiet. The ability of everyone in the residence to enjoy their own elbow room. You’ll simply feel more at home because your surroundings will feel more LIKE home.   

Privacy and Cleanliness

At a hotel, you’re not just navigating space around your own family — you’re also working around lots of others. Squeezing past whole crews in the hallways, jumping out of the way of “vacation-mode” kids running past, waiting in lines, competing for supplies and services…it can be frustrating. But at your own vacation home, you can enjoy all of the peace and quiet you like. Plus, you’ll enjoy a pristine clean courtesy of a housekeeping team that visits on your schedule, rather than knocking on the door first thing in the morning.    

Plan Your Stay at Balmoral

When you’re planning your stay in Central Florida, there’s just no better place to stay than at Balmoral Resort. Our spacious vacation homes feature all of the amenities and benefits mentioned above: generous living areas, multiple bedrooms, full kitchens, private pools and more. In addition, we offer an on-site water park, secure property-wide Wi-Fi, a free arcade, on-site dining, and much more. Best of all? We’re just minutes from all the incredible attractions that brought you to the Orlando area. Visit our reservation site today, and see what sets us apart from an ordinary vacation!

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