Drunken Spelling Bee

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Drunken Spelling Bee

Saturday, January 23, 2021 January 23, 2021 Feltrim Resorts

Come out and spell with us at Balmoral Bar & Grill!
Here's how it works: Spellers start off with one free drink on the house. Each participant receives a number and words are spelled in the order of the numbers received. If the participant spells the word correctly, they get another free drink and move on to the next round. If they spell it wrong, they're eliminated.

There are four rounds, with the difficulty increasing every round. Spellers can ask for definitions, languages of origin, parts of speech, and (our favorite) a moderately helpful and possibly offensive sentence using the word. Any spellers left standing after Round Four will enter the lightning round. The last speller standing wins a $25 bar tab!

Price: $8 to participate
Locations: Balmoral Bar & Grill
Prize: Winner receives a $25 bar tab
Registration starts at 4 PM!