Mom, Dad, and the Kids: Keeping Everyone Happy on a Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation can be a balancing act. At times, everyone may wish to try the very same activities, but occasions will invariably arise when not everyone’s preferences fully align. We’ve compiled the below tips for ensuring that everyone stays happy, even when your interests differ.

Start With Family-Friendly Destinations

If the kids want to ride waterslides, but Mom and Dad want to learn surfing, it’s going to be an issue if your family’s only destination is a surfing beach. Instead, consider visiting a destination like Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon, where Mom and Dad can take surf lessons at the Wave Pool while the kids hit the Storm Slides. This is just one example of a family-friendly destination that offers something for everyone.

Break Apart When Necessary

Your priority may be keeping the family together at all times, but if family members are being pulled in different directions, then you might consider briefly breaking apart. Say the girls want a relaxing spa day while the boys want to go hiking in Florida’s Ocala National Forest. Instead of resorting to rock-paper-scissors to break the tie, why not separate into smaller groups, and everyone can spend the day pursuing the activity that most excites them?

If you’re traveling with very young children, it is also advisable to acquaint yourself with drop-in daycare centers and babysitting services near your destination. That way, if it’s the grown-ups who are needing some alone time, the kids are in good hands.

Prepare to Improvise

Part of traveling means recognizing that things might not always go as planned, and accepting it. If it turns out that the kids want to sleep late on the day you were going to watch the sunrise over the Keys’ east coast as a family, then you may have to forego this activity and plan a similar experience later in the day (say, a sunset over the Keys’ west coast). Or you may wish to call a babysitting service and arrange some last-minute coverage, so the grown-ups can watch the sunrise by themselves. Either way, stay flexible and creative, and you’re sure to have a vacation that will excite even the smallest members of your family.

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