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Set the Tone at Your Wedding With Music

Set the Tone at Your Wedding With Music

Your wedding day is an event that you want to be especially meaningful and memorable. Creating the right atmosphere is central to having a successful event, and music is often an integral part of setting the mood. Balmoral Event Center loves hosting these wonderful celebrations, so we have some tips to help you choose the tunes that will establish the ambiance you’re looking for at your wedding.

There’s More to Wedding Music Than “Here Comes the Bride…”

The first thing to remember is that you’re going to want different types of music for different points in the ceremony. If you hold both the ceremony and the reception at Balmoral Event Center, we can help you coordinate the appropriate music for each stage.

Prelude music is what plays as your guests enter and are seated. This should be light and ambient, beginning when the doors open. It shouldn’t be too loud, but rather create a lovely, relaxing atmosphere. 

Next comes the processional music, which plays as the wedding party enters and walks down the aisle. This can range from very traditional bridal music to something more personally relevant to the bride and groom and their attendants. You can choose a different melody for each person, or stick with one tune for the whole group, though changing it up when the bride enters adds a dramatic touch.

After the vows have been exchanged, the wedding party will exit to the recessional music. This is the time to liven things up with bright, celebratory music that expresses the joy of the occasion. 

Now all that’s left is the music for the reception! There is a wide range of options available for this. Ultimately, the choice should reflect the personalities of the couple being celebrated, while keeping the mood upbeat and appropriate for the varying types of people in attendance. Music that can be enjoyed by young and old alike is ideal, whether you choose a live band or a reputable disc jockey.

Music to Our Ears
Booking Balmoral Event Center for your nuptials is an easy choice. We are centrally located between Tampa and Orlando. Our Grand Ballroom is comfortably elegant, and the acoustics are wonderful. We would love to host your big day and help make it a treasured memory!