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Planning the Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The Bar Mitzvah (for boys) or Bat Mitzvah (for girls) is a momentous occasion in the life of a young Jewish person. While this celebration is often a lot of fun for family and friends, it can require a lot of careful planning by the parents of the celebrant to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. At Balmoral Event Center, we’ve hosted a number of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs over the years, and we have some tips for organizing a memorable event.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

  • Party planning can seem overwhelming at first, but with a little forethought, it needn’t cause undue stress. Here are some things to consider.
  • Keep the guest list simple. What is the maximum number of people you are willing and able to entertain? Start the list with family members and close friends, and expand from there.
  • Book the right venue. Balmoral Event Center is an ideal choice of venue because we have a variety of spaces available for different size parties. It’s easy to get the type of space you need with us.
  • Think of the entertainment. When booking entertainment, be sure to keep the guest-of-honor’s tastes in mind. While you want everyone to enjoy the event, the style of music should reflect the young man or woman’s personality that is being honored.
  • Create a timeline. As you plan your event, think of when the energy of the room will be higher and lower, and schedule the various activities accordingly. For example, if you have everyone play some games, there will be a dip in energy afterward, which would be a good time to play a photo montage or do a toast. 

Remember to Relax!
Most importantly, take time to just enjoy the event. At Balmoral Event Center, we make this easier for you to do by taking care of many of the details for you, allowing you more opportunities to visit with your friends and family. It’s important to us that you enjoy your event just as much as your guests do.