LEGOLAND Florida Resort – Not To Be Missed! LEGOLAND Florida Resort – Not To Be Missed!

10 Rides and 1 Show You Must Experience at LEGOLAND Florida Resort


When planning a vacation in Central Florida, many visitors immediately think of the big three when it comes to Theme Park Experiences: Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando. While these all offer incredible entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences, not far from the Feltrim Resorts you will find one of the most interactive Theme Park Experiences in Central Florida: LEGOLAND Florida Resort. Built with kids in mind, LEGOLAND Florida Resort offers more than 50 rides, shows, and attractions designed for children ages 2 to 12.  Within the 145-acre resort are the expected roller coasters, live entertainment and special event offerings, but additionally LEGOLAND specializes in interactive activities for children.  These activities make LEGOLAND Florida Resort stand out from the competition when it comes to visitors for with young children.  Today we look at what the resort has to offer and what you need to know to plan your visit to this unique and sometimes overlooked vacation experience.


Admission and Park Hours


LEGOLAND Florida Resort is located in Winter Park, Florida, and actually consists of two parks: LEGOLAND Park and LEGOLAND Water Park.  There are a variety of options when it comes to ticket packages.  Here are the base tickets that are available:


  1. One Day Admission to LEGOLAND Park – Child/Senior $88.99 – Adult $93.99
  2. One Day Admission to LEGOLAND Park and Water Park – Child/Senior $111.49 – Adult $116.49
  3. Two Day Admission to LEGOLAND Park – Child/Senior $108.99 – Adult $113.99
  4. Two Day Admission to LEGOLAND Park and Water Park – Child/Senior $131.49 – Adult $136.49


Child ticket prices are available for children ages 3-12, and senior ticket prices are available for guests ages 60 and over.  Children 2 years of age and under receive free admission.  Admission to LEGOLAND Water Park is not sold separately.


There are discount prices available online as long as you purchase your tickets at least two days in advance.  There are also Annual Pass options available.  If you are planning on visiting the park three or more times during your stay, the Annual Pass will give you the best value.  All options can be found at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort website here.


Park Hours for both parks do vary, and there are some days when the park and/or water park may be closed during off seasons.  Scheduled park hours can be found here.


Rides and Shows


One of things that you will immediately notice about LEGOLAND is that it is packed with rides and attractions, and has new experiences opening all the time.  The focus here is fun through interactivity, making this an excellent destination for parties with young children.  They will feel like they are part of the action and not just along for the ride.  With so many things to do it is impossible to cover them all, but here are 10 rides and 1 show that you don’t want to miss when you visit the park.

The one restriction that all of these rides have in common is that Guests Travelling in Wheelchairs will need to transfer into a ride vehicle.  There are other height and boarding requirements that vary for ride, as you will see in the descriptions.


  • AQUAZONE Wave Racers – Inside the LEGO Technic area of the park you will find this old school carnival “whip” ride that slowly swings riders over a pool of water.  Interactive water effects surround the ride so spectators can also take part in the action.


The minimum height requirement for this ride is 40 inches (102 cm).  Guests under 52 inches (133 cm) tall must be accompanied by a responsible rider who is 14 years of age or older.


  • Boating School – This is a unique opportunity for children to captain their own mini-vessels as they steer their boats through the waterways of LEGO City in this interactive water flume ride.  Boating school provides children with the thrill of driving their own boat and parents with a fantastic photo opportunity.


The minimum height requirement for this ride is 34 inches (87 cm).  Guests below 48 inches (122 cm) tall must be accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years of age or older.


  • Coastersaurus – This is one of LEGOLAND’s signature experiences within the Land of Adventure.  Coastersaurus is a wooden rollercoaster that curves and dips through a prehistoric jungle that is home to life-sized LEGO brick dinosaurs.  For many young visitors, this is their first experience on a wooden coaster.


The minimum height requirement for this ride is 42 inches (107 cm).


  • Flying School – On this one-of-a-kind suspended steel roller coaster, Guests will embark on an exhilarating ride suspended above LEGO City.  This is the only suspended coaster in the park.  It is a far tamer experience compared to other suspended steel coasters but perfect for any child who meets the boarding requirements.


The minimum height requirement for this ride is 44 inches (112 cm).  Guests below 52 inches (133 cm) tall must be accompanied by a responsible rider who is 52 inches or taller.   The maximum rider height is 6 Foot 5 Inches (1 m 95 cm).


  • Ford Jr. Driving School – This is another interactive experience where kids get to take the wheel.  This time they are driving through the streets of LEGO City, complete with traffic signs and obstacles.  Much like Boating School, this is a favorite attraction for many young children and one of the best places for parents to get photos.


This attraction is intended for children ages 3-5.


  • LEGO NINJAGO The Ride –  Based on the hit movie by the same name, this attraction invites guests to ride through a 3-D virtual shooting gallery and take on a sinister gallery of villains before teaming up to defeat a powerful foe.  What makes this unique from other similar rides, like Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney Hollywood Studios, is that the vehicles don’t actually have guns.  Guests will make chopping motions over the onboard sensors to shoot animated fireball, lightning, and more.


Children under 6 years of age or 48 inches (122 cm) must ride with a responsible person 48 inches (122 cm) or taller, ensuring the child’s safety.  Additionally, the responsible rider must be at least 14 years of age.


  • Lost Kingdom Adventure – This slow-moving black light shooting gallery attraction has riders take aim to help LEGO adventurers battle their way past LEGO mummies and skeletons to find hidden treasure.  This ride features a more traditional shooting mechanic and memorable LEGO brick ghouls.


The minimum height requirement for this ride is 30 inches (77 cm).  Children between 30 inches (77 cm) and 48 inches (122 cm) must ride with a responsible person 48 inches (122 cm) or taller who is ensuring the child’s safety.  Additionally, the responsible rider must be at least 14 years of age.


  • Mia’s Riding Adventure – Mia wants you to join her at her riding camp.  Pick your horse, and saddle up for a ride on this thrilling disc coaster.  This attraction is similar to the classic “pirate boat” rides but with a twist.  The disc that riders are on spins as it goes up and down.  This may be one of the more intense rides in the park.


The minimum height requirement for this ride is 48 inches (122 cm).


  • The Dragon – The Dragon is a dark ride, but it is also a roller coaster.  This truly unique ride takes guests through the enchanted LEGOLAND Florida Resort Castle where you meet a comical bunch of medieval LEGO brick characters.  Then in the next part of the ride you are experiencing twists and turns on a steel coaster as you ride on the back of The Dragon.


Minimum height requirement for this ride is 40 inches (102 cm).  Children between 40 inches (102 cm) and 48 inches (122 cm) must ride with a responsible person 14 years of age or older.


  • The Great LEGO Race – This is LEGOLAND Florida Resort’s newest attraction.  The Great LEGO Race combines a wild mouse style steel coaster with Virtual Reality technology to put Guests in the middle of race against a variety of LEGO brick competitors.  Wearing the optional VR headsets lets riders experience the action 360 degrees around them as they battle to come in first place in the wackiest race in LEGOLAND.  Guests can ride the attraction without the VR headset if they choose.  This is another of the more intense attractions in the park and does have a number of boarding requirements to be aware of.


The minimum height requirement for this ride is 42 inches (102 cm).  Riders from 42 inches (102 cm) to 47 inches (120 cm) must be accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years of age or older who is at least 48 inches (122 cm) tall.  Neither the accompanying rider nor the child can wear the virtual headset during the ride.


Guests with full leg casts and/or full arm casts are not permitted to ride.  Guests must have one natural leg to the end of the kneecap, and one fully constructed natural or prosthetic leg.  Guests must also have one arm that can continuously grasp and must fit securely within the ride restraint mechanisms.  All prosthetic devices must be secured or stored before riding.


  • Pirates’ Cove Live Water Ski Show – This is the must-see show of the park.  This LEGO Pirate Adventure takes place on the lake at Pirate’s Cove Stadium and features, water skis, jet skis, boats, and LEGO characters performing out on the water.  Shows are approximately 20 minutes, and show times do vary, so check for start times when you arrive at the park.


Those are just some of the many attractions you will find at LEGOLAND Resort Florida.  Many of the attractions we featured do have height requirements, but there is still plenty to do if you are travelling with younger children.  DUPLO Valley has a number of rides and attractions for toddlers, and there are interactive activities for all ages that can be found throughout the park.  Additionally you will find great food and beverage offerings, and merchandise locations selling your favorite LEGO kits and merchandise.


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More Things to See and Do


LEGOLAND Florida Resort also holds four holiday special events a year.  Red, White & Boom on July 4th is the next event coming up soon but they also hold: Brick or Treat, Christmas Bricktacular, and Kids’ New Year’s Party, which all take place in select days throughout the year.  Check out their special events page for more information.


All of this just scratches the surface of the things to do and discover at LEGOLAND Resort Florida.  We didn’t even mention the attractions available in the LEGOLAND Waterpark.  If you choose to add that option to your ticket, you can experience amazing water slides, a huge wave pool, children’s water play areas and much more.


LEGOLAND Florida Resort may be one of the best kept secrets in Central Florida.  The property is jam-packed with things to do and is a great option if you are looking to provide an experience with more interactivity for children.  It is certainly worth working this park and all it has to offer into your vacation itinerary, creating lasting memories for LEGO fans of all ages.


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